Create a Custom Card:

In order to create a custom spell card, fill out the form below and hit the ‘Generate Card!’ button. For now you can only create one custom card at a time, but this feature will be expanded in the future. The card will display in a new tab / window, so you can return here to make any changes.

(e.g. Fire, Acid...)
(e.g. "sorcerer/wizard 1, cleric 2"...)
(e.g. "1 standard action", "1 round", "10 minutes"...)


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(Detail in description, below.)
(Detail in description, below.)

(e.g. "long (400 ft. + 40 ft./level)"...)
(e.g. "20-ft.-radius"...)
(e.g. "10 ft. radius", "30 ft. line"...)
(e.g. "one creature/level"...)
(e.g. "instantaneous", "1 min./level(D)"...)
(e.g. "Will negates (harmless)", "Reflex half"...)

(* indicates a required field.)